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An incense stand that shakes the feeling of exhilaration as an object.

An incense holder made of natural marble that creates a luxurious space and gives an uplifting feeling even when the incense is not burned.
RECTANGLE is an attractive object with a minimalist design that is close to a high-quality lifestyle.

An incense stand made from the highest quality natural marble.
Elegant and effortless matte processing, carefully polished marble is handmade one by one by Japanese craftsmen.
CraftsmanshipHowever, as an object, it stirs up a sense of luxury.

INCENSE HOLDER "RECTANGLE" Incense Holder Rectangle

The incense holder made by a Japanese atelier with a history of about 100 years creates a luxurious and uplifting space as an object even when incense is not burning.
The curved lines that do not make you feel the hardness of the stone, the matte finish that makes it easy to match with the interior and the beautiful beveling that creates a sense of beauty are all made possible by the skilled craftsmanship of the Japanese.
These natural marble objects are not mass-produced but made by hand, which is why each piece has a different expression, and you can feel the warmth of handcrafted work.

-SIZE (cm)
Width approx. 15 Height approx. 3 Depth approx. 3

Nero Marquina(Nero Marquina)
Marble Nero Marquina from Spain.
Black marble, which is rare among marbles, is a high-class stone that creates a modest atmosphere.

* The marble pattern is different for each item.

-Because it is natural marble, the patterns and colors are different, and there are individual differences. Stones, voids, cracks, and pinholes may be mixed.
-Do not hit or drop anything as it is prone to cracking and chipping.
-Since it is sensitive to acid, do not use acid detergents or mold removers during maintenance.
-When cleaning with water, be sure to wipe it dry.
-Please enjoy the texture and aging feeling unique to natural materials.

A collection of scents wrapped in an uplifting feeling
It's an experience to enrich your life.
It has a pleasant stimulus and moves your heart.
An uplifting experience enriches your life.
Vedas Insense is more than just a room fragrance
Gracefully a series of gestures and spaces to enjoy the scent
An incense that creates an uplifting feeling as an object even when it is not burning.
A fine and contemporary collection
It is a new experience through fragrance that changes from everyday to extraordinary.

Craftsmanship in Veda Insense