Living room, dining room, bedroom, desk, etc.
Put a living plant in any place.
Because they are insect-resistant and easy to care for
They are insect-resistant and easy to care for, so anyone can adopt them.
In order to keep your mood plants growing beautifully
Please pay attention to the following points.

Points to note

Because they are living plants, each one has a different expression.
Please understand.


The color and firmness of the flesh may change during the growth process.
The lower leaves may wither.
It will grow and change with the seasons.
Please care for them properly and watch them grow.

watering (plants)

Watering should be done about once every 7 to 10 days.
Fill the dropper container with water, and apply 2 to 4 pumps of water to the part of the plant closest to the stem.
Be careful not to spill any water when filling the container. When filling the container, be careful not to spill.
There is no need to remove the stones as the water will reach the plant through the stones. It is not necessary to remove the stones.
Be careful not to splash water on the box.
Please be careful not to over-water the box, as this will cause root rot.
If the amount of water is too much If the amount of water is too much, it may penetrate into the box.
Please be careful with the amount of watering.
If you put too much water in the box If you over-water the box, remove it from the box and allow it to dry.


When repotting, soak the make-up stone in water for 5 to 10 minutes and
Wait until the stone is loose and can be easily removed.
We recommend that you do this in an environment and clothing that you do not mind getting dirty.
For soil, succulent soil is suitable.


"An interior that grows with you.
Display them just like fashion and cosmetics. and watering "MOOD PLANTS" just like applying lotion. Water the "MOOD PLANTS" as you apply lotion.
MOOD PLANTS show us their seasonal expressions, soothe our tired minds, and help us forget our busy lives. It is a new way to forget about your busy life. It is a new kind of interior design that allows you to forget about your busy life and spend an elegant moment.