Make the gesture of carrying incense beautiful
Incense & Incense holder case


Enjoy your favorite scent while traveling. It is a pleasant stimulus that invites you to travel in high quality.
The luxury travel case makes your gesture of carrying incense beautiful. You feel happy every time you take it out of your bag, making your trip even more enjoyable.


A unique travel case that makes the gesture of carrying incense beautiful.
The highest quality full-grain leather, which is soft to the touch and finished with oil to preserve its natural texture, is made by upcycling leather leftover from the production of high-end interiors.
The case is a work of art created by Japanese craftsmen who take their time handcraft will be handed down to the next generation. The container is a product of the highest quality leather and craftsmanship, with hand stitching, coating of the edges, and other details.


Craftsmanship in Veda Incense
A collection of uplifting fragrances, Veda Incense,
It is an experience that enriches your life. An uplifting experience that is pleasantly stimulating and inspiring is what enriches our lives.
Veda Incense is a room fragrance, also an incense that creates a series of graceful gestures and spaces to enjoy the aroma and makes sense of joy as an object even when it is not burning. The high-quality and contemporary collection is a new experience through scent that transforms your day into the extraordinary.