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When The Eastern Sky Begins To Whiten,
A Fantastic World Reflects The Pale Light Of The Morning Glow.
The Fragrance Of Fresh Herbs Will Mix The Scent Of Hiba And Gently Stimulates The Five Senses.

Herb, Hiba, Cedarwood

is an incense that creates an uplifting feeling like an objet d'art.

Vedic incense carefully produced by a long-established Japanese manufacturer that has been making incense sticks since the 1930s. The extra-thick glitter black incense designed to fit into the interior is a new room fragrance that even those who are not good at smoke can enjoy with the minimum amount of smoke. The scent is an original perfumer that incorporates the story drawn by the Vedas into the scent.Incense that is difficult to scentSkilled, familiar with heat and dryingPerfumerCreated a scent with little change between before and during burning.CraftsmanshipIt is the highest quality incense that you can fully feel.The easy-to-remove, functional and modern box creates an even more uplifting feeling as an object.The gesture of carrying incense becomes beautiful,You can enjoy your favorite scent while traveling with the special travel case sold separately.

-Internal capacity
-Size (cm)
Incense: Approximately 7 in length
BOX: Width approx. 11.2 Height approx. 3 Depth approx. 7
-Burning time
About 20 minutes
-Main raw material
Charcoal powder, sardine powder, fragrance
-country of origin

A collection of scents wrapped in an uplifting feeling
It's an experience to enrich your life.
It has a pleasant stimulus and moves your heart.
An uplifting experience enriches your life.
Veda Insense is more than just a room fragrance
Gracefully a series of gestures and spaces to enjoy the scent
An incense that creates an uplifting feeling as an object even when it is not burning.
A fine and contemporary collection
It is a new experience through fragrance that changes from everyday to extraordinary.

Craftsmanship in Veda Insense