A collection of uplifting fragrances.

It is an experience that enriches your life. An uplifting experience that is pleasantly stimulating and inspiring is what enriches our lives. Veda Incense is not only a room fragrance, it is also an incense that creates a series of graceful gestures and spaces to enjoy the fragrance, and creates a sense of elation as an object even when it is not being burned. The high quality and contemporary collection is a new experience through scent that transforms the everyday into the extraordinary.

Taking out the incense and burn it.
Feel the fragrance and let the special time flow slowly.
Your gestures and even your space will become elegant and beautiful.
The fragrance routine will lead you to a quality lifestyle.

An object that inspires a sense of elation.
The incense holder made of natural marble is not only functional as an incense holder, but it also brings
the warmth of the craftsman and accompanies your daily life as an object with a pleasant uplifting feeling.

Enjoy your favorite scent while traveling.
It is a pleasant stimulus that invites you to travel in high quality.
The special luxury travel case that makes the gesture of carrying incense beautiful and makes you feel happy every time you take it out of your bag will make your trip even more enjoyable.

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Enjoy the scent with a story
Designed to fit into the interior as an object, the extra-thick glitter black incense is a new room fragrance that even people who are not good at smoke can enjoy with minimal smoke. The scent is an original perfumer that incorporates the story drawn by the Vedas into the scent.

Gorgeous streets lined with luxury boutiques. You step inside as you are drawn in. The tension in your mind and body is released by the elegant scent of Casablanca. The sweet and gorgeous scent of jasmine and the sensual scent of musk will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city.
Casablanca, jasmine, musk

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It's a midsummer afternoon, with the sun shining down on you. A moment to cool down in the shade of a tree with the refreshing scent of citrus. The scent of lemongrass swaying in the gentle breeze is pleasant. The refreshing and cool scent of eucalyptus refreshes both mind and body.
Eucalyptus, lemongrass, yuzu

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When I open the window, I can smell the faint scent of winter. At night, I relax by the fireplace with my favorite blanket and a book. The complex and warm scent of amber and moss, reminiscent of the forest, are comfortably combined by the deep ylang-ylang.
Amber, Moss, Ylang Ylang

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An incense stand that shakes the feeling of exhilaration as an object
A natural marble incense holder that creates a luxurious space and gives an uplifting feeling, even when the incense is not burned.

Make the gesture of carrying incense beautiful

The travel case, which makes your trip even more enjoyable, is a unique gem carefully made with oil-finished soft and soft, top-quality full-grain leather and Japanese craftsmanship.
Craftsmanship in Vedic Incense