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STRATUM is an object handcrafted one by one in a carefully selected atelier in Japan.
With the theme of "beauty" consisting of imperfections and irregularities, this object is inspired by "stratum", a piece of natural art that has been built little by little over the centuries. I express the mystery with irregular shapes, colors and patterns that are not the same as each other.

By changing the placement, it can also be used as a bookend. (Book about A5 size)
You can enjoy the sense of unity with the space and the feel of it by processing the high-quality marble with damage.
By embedding a silver plate on the back side, the final finish is gorgeous.

-SIZE (cm)
Width Approx. 10 Height Approx. 4.6 Depth Approx. 8
marble <Fior Di Pesco> <Nero Marquina>
Made in Japan


Fior Di Pesco ( Fiorde Pesco )
Fiorde Pesco is an Italian marble named "Fiori" which means "flower" in Italian. It is a natural marble of the highest quality with high artistic quality that can be seen in various expressions such as white, yellow, and pink depending on the location.
Nero Marquina ( Nero Marquina)
Spanish marble Nero Marquina. Black marble, which is rare among marbles, is a classy stone that creates a somewhat fashionable atmosphere.

※The pattern of the marble is different one by one.

-Because it is natural marble, patterns and colors are different, and there are individual differences. Stone grains, voids, cracks, and pinholes may be mixed in.
-Do not hit or drop anything on it as it may easily crack or break.
-Since it is vulnerable to acid, do not use acidic detergents or mold removers during maintenance.

-When cleaning with water, be sure to wipe with a dry cloth.
-Enjoy the unique texture and aging of natural materials.




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